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Name of Morphin comes from a German word (1816), name coined by German apothecary Friedrich Sertürner (1783-1840) in reference to Latin Morpheus, Ovid's name for (The God of Dreams)

Morphin Group has many divisions one of them is: Distribution as Food & Beverages,


As supply chains become more sophisticated and customers push for smaller, more frequent deliveries to match consumer demand or meet the needs of ‘just in time’ production schedules, tight controls are required to manage costs and service levels. 


 Morphin Distribution has reached agreement with many global manufacturers in Europe since end of 2017 with Schwartauer Werke GmBH owned by (Hero Group) in Lenzburg, Switzerland, Cornu S.A Champagne,Switzerland, Newlat Food S.p.A Reggio Emilia, Italy and others,


We’re proactive in our approach to business and we invest in research and development to make sure that our customers always get the best possible solutions to their needs,


We’re committed to delivering sustainable, traceable, quality foods and ingredients responsibly and respectfully. This is the cornerstone of our business,


Developing and supplying great tasting, high quality products for the UK’s retailers, large and small. From idea to aisle.


Building a successful brand requires a 360 degree approach. To ensure we offer expertise and leadership in every aspect of your brand journey, we have developed strong partnerships with a range of complementing businesses.


Distributor leading in market supplying chain stores and independent retailers.

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